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Finding My Light Full Story

I first discovered my knack for writing in the third grade. That's when I found poetry which is my first love. I believe we were writing a rhyming poem for Mother's Day in class and I decided to write a second poem for myself. Growing up I was the quiet and silent type so poetry gave me a voice. It allowed me to release emotions and feelings. I always thought of my writing as average so I never took it seriously. Though friends, family, and strangers loved my poetry that wasn't enough for me to give it my all and become serious about it. For years and years, I continued to write and shove poems in an old binder of mine. I'm thankful for the COVID pandemic because it forced me to fall in love with writing all over again. After losing my job writing gave me a new purpose. In 2020 I wrote two books. I also shared my poetry on stage for the first time. Though I'm a poet at heart, I'm also in the process of writing other novels. My only hope is that my books reach the ones who need my messages. I aim to use my gift to help others. 


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