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Flight Of The Black Butterfly


Hey there queen, yeah you. Take a moment to revisit a past you

or maybe a current you. Here’s a reminder that life is a transformational process. Meet a black butterfly, who is on the brink of abandoning love until she meets a gentleman who shows her the true meaning of love. You know, the kind of love that’s evenly reciprocated. You will learn of her battles with pain, insecurities, love, and social injustice. Take flight with her as she renews her self-confidence, identity, and happiness. After following her journey, a new you will emerge like a butterfly from a cocoon.



My mission for this book is to inform black women that it's all right to lose faith in men, but never lose faith in God. Never give up on love because God is love, and love is God.


I want to see my book inspire, uplift, and motivate others. I believe words have power. My words can't change the world but they can change minds. I hope to spark a positive change in some minds.

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