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Pushed By The hands Of Loneliness

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Single and Lonely

Sometimes the hands of loneliness pushed me into relationships and love. Sometimes loneliness was a projector that showed me things I thought were missing in my life. Sometimes loneliness was a bottomless pit. However loneliness presented itself to me, I didn't allow it to break me. While being in the depths of loneliness I realized that I shouldn't be searching for company or companionship.

Loneliness can be a time for self. Self love, Self control, self confidence, and self esteem

Tip #1 - Self Love

  • I was kind to myself.

  • I gave myself some grace.

  • I ate healthy.

  • I exercised often.

Tip #2 - Self Control

  • I battled urges, vices, and temptations with prayer.

  • I practiced abstinence.

  • I started of setting small goals for myself. ( I knew that if I could go a day without something then surely I could last a week without it)

Tip #3 - Self Confidence

  • I wrote many positive and encouraging affirmations on sticky notes and placed them on my television screen. I recited those affirmations every morning and night.

  • I watched motivational videos.

  • I challenged myself to get out of my comfort zone.

Tip #4 - Self Esteem

  • I cut my hair on the regular. ( at some point I let my hair and beard grow wild like weeds)

  • I stopped depriving myself and bought new shoes and clothes.

  • I helped other with tasks.

  • I complimented myself when I did a good job or deed.

I Found Myself

Although the single life was lonely, I took that time to rebuild and find myself. I worked on my side effects and learned things about myself. I shifted my focus on God and eventually the love that I was searching for found me.

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